Our firm’s business philosophy, goals and values are what make us unique when compared to other firms in the mortgage servicing industry. Our operating philosophy is simple and straightforward: a full service law firm which consistently delivers timely, high-quality legal services, while striving to provide added value to its clients.

The legal services we provide to our mortgage servicing clientele include, but are not limited to, representation in the areas of foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction and title. In addition to serving our clients in these areas, our lawyers, staff and office automation provide added value to our clients and their businesses in a number of different ways that set us apart from other law firms.

Our office continually strives to maintain a working environment that promotes professionalism and integrity among our attorneys and staff. Because of our work environment and reputation for providing high-quality legal services, we have attracted top attorneys and support staff with extensive experience in the mortgage servicing industry.

Our firm operates as a fully integrated team with each of our clients. We foster consistent communication with our clients to discuss issues and topics, which streamlines the mortgage default servicing process.

While our use of technology keeps us on the cutting edge of the mortgage servicing industry, the primary goal of our law firm will always remain simple—to provide our clients with the finest personal service in the industry. Our law firm prides itself on its commitment to responding to all written and telephonic messages within twenty-four hours of receipt.

We are confident that our firm commitment leaves us well-positioned to provide unparalleled legal representation and service to mortgage lenders and servicers throughout Florida and Texas.